Darcus Howe, Black Power and the New Left


The funeral cortège outside the historic Mangrove Restaurant

Last month I attended the funeral of Darcus Howe, great-nephew of C.L.R. James and someone I had the privilege of getting to know a little over the last few years of his life, having first met him when he agreed to speak at a conference I helped organise to mark ‘Seventy years of The Black Jacobins‘ in 2008 – and someone whose generous support for my work on James since then I will always appreciate.   ‘I am an immigrant’, he defiantly told me one of the last times we met – a great statement in the context of the rising racism underway in Britain – and his thoughts on Nigel Farage were very memorable.  ‘He is what I call a “talkative” … he babbles inanities’.   Anyway, by way of tribute to Darcus, I thought I would link to a short obituary I wrote for Socialist ReviewDarcus Howe: Black Power in the New Left. RIP Darcus.



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