Treason: Rebel Warriors and Internationalist Traitors

stpatrickDuring the Mexican-American war, following US military court-martial, Irish defectors were executed for treason and hanged en masse in 1847. 

Edited by Steve Cushion and Christian Høgsbjerg

A Socialist History Society occasional publication – available August 2019

This booklet aims to explore a rich, inspiring but very neglected modern historical phenomenon – namely those rare high moments of international solidarity when soldiers not only, in the words of The Internationale, “take strike action” and mutiny – but go further and then actually side with (and sometimes defect to and fight alongside) the oppressed, rather than following orders to kill and subjugate.

Table of contents:

Introduction – Rebel Warriors (Steve Cushion and Christian Høgsbjerg)
Soldiers of Misfortune: Napoleon’s Polish Deserters in the West Indies (Jonathan North)
The Saint Patrick’s Battalion (David Rovics)
Deserters, Defectors and “Diehards” – The British men who fought and died for Irish Freedom (Pádraig Óg Ó Ruairc)
Resistance to the Nazis from 1933 from within the German workers’ movement (Merilyn Moos)
Walter Pätzold – German Soldier and Italian Partisan (Irene Recksiek)
Major Karl Plagge and Sergent Anton Schmid (Steve Cushion)
German and Italian Volunteers in the French Resistance (Steve Cushion)
Ilio Barontini (Tobias Abse)
Supporting the Enemy in the Death Agony of French Colonialism (Ian Birchall)

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