Other writings

The Jamaican Labour Rebellion of 1938, Socialist Review (May 2018)

Reflections on the Haitian Revolution, Pluto Blog, 20 October 2017.

The Leeds Convention of 1917 – A most remarkable gathering, Socialist Review (June 2017)

Darcus Howe: Black Power in the New Left, Socialist Review (May 2017) – obituary

On Watership Down by Richard Adams, Socialist Review (February 2017).

The African Diaspora: Global Solidarity in Inter-War Britain, for Our Migration Story: The Making of Britain (Runnymede Trust).

‘A Mine Of Ideas Advancing Far Ahead Of Its Time’: Reflections On C.L.R. James’s History Of Pan-African Revolt And Its Legacy For Africa Today, The Critique, (September 2016).

Grace Lee Boggs – Staying Human in the Belly of the Beast, Socialist Review, 407 (November 2015) – obituary

Short biographical pieces on Chris Braithwaite, C.L.R. James, and Toussaint Louverture in The Palgrave Encyclopedia of Imperialism and Anti-Imperialism (2015).

Karl Marx and the First International, Socialist Review, 394 (September 2014).


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