World Revolution by C.L.R. James

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World Revolution, 1917-1936: The Rise and Fall of the Communist International by C.L.R. James (1937)

Originally published in 1937, C. L. R. James’s World Revolution is a pioneering Marxist analysis of the history of revolutions during the interwar period and of the fundamental conflict between Trotsky and Stalin. James, who was a leading Trotskyist activist in Britain, outlines Russia’s transition from communist revolution to a Stalinist totalitarian state bureaucracy. He also provides an account of the ideological contestations within the Communist International while examining its influence on the development of the Soviet Union and its changing role in revolutions in Spain, China, Germany, and central Europe. Published to commemorate the centenary of the Russian Revolution, this definitive edition of World Revolution features a new introduction by Christian Høgsbjerg and includes rare archival material, selected contemporary reviews, and extracts from James’s 1939 interview with Trotsky.


“This incisive and wide-ranging work by the Trinidadian Marxist, C. L. R. James, was one of the first analyses of the rise of Stalin’s tyranny and the subordination of the needs of the international communist movement to the needs of the Soviet state. Christian Høgsbjerg provides a marvelous introduction to James’s life and to the political context in which he wrote this remarkable work.”
— S. A. Smith, author of Revolution and the People in Russia and China: A Comparative History

“Published in 1937, close to the ‘Midnight in the Century’ when Hitler and Stalin dominated global politics, C. L. R. James’s World Revolution affirms the actuality of Marxism even as it confronts the degeneration of the Russian Revolution of October 1917. In telling the story of the advance and retreat of the great revolutionary wave at the end of the First World War, James displays his qualities as a theorist, historian, and writer. This new edition includes an invaluable introduction by Christian Høgsbjerg that sets World Revolution in its place in the politics of the British left in the 1930s and in James’s own rich intellectual development.”
— Alex Callinicos, author of The Revolutionary Ideas of Karl Marx

Praise for the original 1937 edition of World Revolution:

“a very good book” – Leon Trotsky, 1939

 “[a] very able book”- George Orwell, 1937

“decidedly useful … in his analysis of the course of the Russian revolution and of the point at which it took the wrong turning, Mr. James displays commendable independence of judgment and desire to arrive at the truth” – E.H. Carr, 1937

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Book Launch:

Friday 13 October – Institute for Black Atlantic Research, University of Central Lancashire, Preston – as part of The Red and the Black: The Russian Revolution and the Black Atlantic conference.