Welcome to the website of Christian Høgsbjerg, a historian and teacher based in the UK.  From 2013-14 I was a Teaching Fellow in the Department of History at the University of York, where I completed my doctorate in History in 2010, and in 2016 I am working as a Teaching Fellow in Caribbean History at UCL’s Institute of the Americas.  I work on twentieth century British imperial history (particularly with relation to the Caribbean), the black presence in imperial Britain, the black experience of the British Empire, and how race and empire impacted more broadly on twentieth-century British identity, politics, society and culture.

My specialist focus of research to date has concerned the life and work of the black Trinidadian Marxist and Pan-Africanist intellectual and activist C.L.R. James (1901-1989) a writer, radical historian and political thinker who made a profound contribution to, among other areas, the making of modern multi-cultural, ‘post-colonial’ Britain.  I am the author of C.L.R. James in Imperial Britain and Chris Braithwaite: Mariner, Renegade and Castaway,  the editor of a special edition of C.L.R. James’s 1934 play about the Haitian Revolution, Toussaint Louverture: The story of the only successful slave revolt in history, and the co-editor of Celebrating C.L.R. James in Hackney, London.

This website – which I am afraid is very much a ‘work in progress’ at the moment – has been set up to hopefully enable people who wish to get in touch with me to more easily be able to do so, as well as allow me to collate a list of my writing to date in one relatively easily accessible place.  If you have any questions about my research etc please do get in touch using the form on the contact page – many thanks.


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  1. Hi Christian I have mentioned your talk this week at the wcml on my post today and hope to be there.
    cheers Bernadette


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